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  1. Hi,I'm supervising on a 20 story apartment block built 10 years ago. Reducing the gaps head and sides 3mm + or - 1mm so 4mm max. There are 450 communal doors to have remedial work done to them, we are reducing the gaps, changing all hinges, changing the intumisent smoke seals, batt and mastic between frame and structure. The threshold gaps are very bad, we have been told that the maximum permitted threshold gap is to be 10mm. The average gaps is 15mm with the worst 27mm. I have been told that the manufacturer s certificate will not allow hardwood edging strips to be glued and scre
  2. I'm working on a FRA in a 10 year old apartment block, various blocks maximum 6 floors high. Fire door upgrades, mostly reducing gaps on fd30 doors (120 number) when the door gaps cannot be achieved by fitting hinge packers we sometimes remove the mdf 18mm x 70mm architrave s to wedge the frame into position. We then seal the gap between the frame and the structure with intumisent mastic and fire batt if the gap is above 15mm. Should we be removing the opposite side architrave s and sealing from that side also. Then knowing that all of these frames has no fire stopping between the frames
  3. Very helpful, Thank You. One more thing, when adjusting doors to achieve the 3mm gap on an fd30 door, 10 years old, that has no intumisent hinge packers should we be removing the door and the 3 hinges, removing extra material from the frame and door recesses to allow for the thickness of the hinge packers, refix the hinges to the door, Then rehang the door . Or can we put an odd hinge packer behind hinges on frame side to adjust the door. Thanks
  4. We are carrying out work to bring firedoors up to standard, following a FRA, many of the fire door keep shut signs are 1950mm heigh, this has not been picked up on the FRA, should they not be at 1500mm to 1600mm eye level.
  5. We are carrying out work to bring firedoors up to standard, following a FRA, many of the hinges in this 10 year old apartment block have oil leaking from the hinges, mostly on corridor doors heavily used. Should we be changing these or are they okay ?
  6. Hi Could you tell me the maximum spacings for the fixing of a fire door frame . I usually come 150mm from top and the bottom, put one in the centre and split the difference of the other two. Making that five fixings per side. I have been told by another installer that new regulations are 100mm max top and bottom and 450mm max spacings centre to centre. Are there any different regulations for fd30, fd60 etc Many thanks
  7. Hi Thank you for your reply. There were fire door stickers on the top of the door, but not stuck very well to the raw chipboard core. The door was 54mm thick with a vision panel. The door was fitted in a new built warehouse, between the warehouse and the dispatch area. I was concerned about the swelling of the chipboard from dampness at the bottom and the top. The door was purchased from a large reputable supplier. I have photos of the stickers on the door, thought it might be embarrassing for the company involved to post them. Many thanks
  8. James Gormley

    Fire doors in HMO

    Hi. I understand FD30s is a 30 minute fire door with smoke seals fitted to the frame or door. What is c/w and s/c Thank you for your reply in advance
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