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small flats


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I would like to know if this is complies with bs5839 pt6.

An existing system 

A 4 storey hmo split into 3 self contained flats with a communal staircase. 

The communal entrance and stairs has a fire alarm control panel with smokes, call points and sounders.

Then each flat has its own mains wired smoke alarm in the entrance hall  not interlinked and not wired to the control panel


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Thanks Anthony

I have revisited the property today. Can the mixed system stay and still comply? 

Each of the 3 flats has a mains / battery back up smoke detector wired in twin and earth interlinked to  the other flats. This is supplied from the landlord main.

They have all been damaged or taped over by tenants. Can these just be replaced with some aico heats to avoid nuisance alarms, (smokers)

The communal system also looks like it has been switched off a while but wiring is still intact. Parts to be renewed. 


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Heats are a no no for escape routes as by the time they activate the area wouldn't support life. If you need a common system, the common parts have to have smokes.

As a very small block by the sounds of it you may be able to retain the existing kit, without looking I can't be sure.

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The property is not hmo Its a large house converted into 3 flats.

The escape routes are fitted with 3 x smokes,  2 call points and 2 sounders. 

We would prefer not to extend the communal system into the flats due to problems with access and upheavel.

Its much easier just to have the parts of the mixed systwms replaced. As long as this complies?

Having the mxed system also appeals in case one is tampered.

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