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Guest Catrin Lewis


I live in a block of flats with a communal staircase. On each landing there is a light but one has been displaying a red light ( see attached photo) for over two years. When I initially reported the fault to the management company I was told that it would be dealt with in a quartery inspection. Please can someone tell me if this is a fire safety light and whether the management company are legally required to maintain it? We have a communal notice board which displays info re insurance but there is no fire safety certificate on display.

Many thanks.


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The red light does not mean it's faulty, a lot of people have been conned into replacing perfectly serviceable fittings because it's red.

For decades the status indicator on self contained emergency lights indicating there was a satisfactory mains power supply into the battery charger was red and it's only in recent times it has been changed on new fittings to the more logical green.

As long as the light fitting works when function tested and the batteries last 3 hours when duration tested then it's completely fine. A lot of older red LED fittings remain in service

Self testing units that do their own function & duration testing automatically do exist but they have several LED status lights, not just the one.

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