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Flat Entrance doors- Self closers

Guest Dave Moore field

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Guest Dave Moore field

Purpose built, traditional construction  two storey (4 flats) block of flats in Birmingham built in 1966.


The flat Entrance doors that lead out onto the internal communal area are 44mm thick, with no intumescent strips, no cold smoke seals, no intumescent letter box and NO SELF Closer (rising butt hinges no longer meet requirements. (Arguably notional doors) 

The leaseholders argue that the front doors did not need to be self closing as of building regulations so they don't need to be now - I'm struggling to find building regs 1966.


I believe new Fd30s door sets should be installed but in the short term the doors appears to provide notonal fire resistance and thus in the short term an apporopaite overhead self closing device should be fitted to ensure the door closes? 

Is this resonable??


Kind regards 





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The common areas are subject to The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 so what the building regulations say is irrelevant and CP4 does not apply , the guidance is Fire safety in purpose-built blocks of flats,

You would need a far more detailed description of the premises to make any serious comments 

PS. I wrote this at the same time as AB but decided to allow it to be submitted.


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