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My son has just started at a residential school, where they stay in housing in the community. The window of his room has a restricted opening, so he couldn't get out of the window in the event of a fire. The bedroom door is extremely heavy. There is only one discernible escape route down the main stairs, which are close to the door of the kitchen. My concern is what would happen if that route was blocked.

It's only a small semi-detached house, with 3 bedrooms on the first floor and a bathroom and a loft room upstairs.

Can I ask what should be in place to protect from fire and could someone please advise re some kind of fire-extinguisher for his room? I've read that powder is not good for enclosed spaces - I'd like to get something, just in case.

Many thanks in advance.

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Does he cook for himself or is he classed as a lodger and how many are there in the house. Taking into account his inexperience and lack of training I would suggest you invest in a 1ltr Water Mist Fire Extinguisher which should deal with any small fires he is likely to get involved with, with worrying if he is using the correct extinguisher, as it will deal with ABC and electric fires providing he follows the guidance of the manufacturers.

Check out https://www.firesafe.org.uk/types-use-and-colours-of-portable-fire-extinguishers/ and https://www.safelincs.co.uk/1-litre-water-mist-fire-extinguisher-ultrafire/.

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You would expect to find a fire detection & warning system which, depending on how the premises are viewed (HMO, educational sleeping risk, etc), would be a commercial grade system of call points, sounders and detectors linked to a control panel or at the very least interlinked mains smoke & heat alarms, with detection to at least the stair and landings and usually the kitchen and other rooms as well.

The stair would usually need to be protected with fire resisting construction & fire doors, exceptionally good fitting normal doors are accepted depending on how the premises are classified.

Basically the premises should be set up so that a fire is detected and kept out of the stair with more than sufficient time to escape before the stair itself is compromised.

If you have concerns then depending on the status of the premises either the fire service or local authority housing department are the enforcing authority.

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