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FireAngel ST-750 supplied by M/side Fire Brigade


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Hello: Can you kindly advise if there is a known problem with this alarm (batch: 17110-17326J).  Supplied/fitted by a Brigade c one year ago, it's intermittently sounding full alarm (replace end Jul 2028), with no evidence of smoke and no other smoke/carbon monoxide alarms in the house sounding (inc another identical model - two were supplied).  After the first false alarm it has been vacuumed of dust but is still sounding intermittently.  This is NOT the low battery signal.

Have asked FireAngel for replacement.

Many thanks,



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Guest Danielle

I have exactly the same problem. It was fitted in 2019 and has been fine since but now keeps sounding a full alarm until I turn it off. I’ve had to take it down. Will replace battery if I can and see if that works. 

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I had a Fire Angel ST750 fitted by the fire service in June and today it has sounded approximately 4 times (not the sound of a diminish8ng battery). There is no smoke that I am aware of although I'm not sure how much smoke is needed for it to be activated? The first time it sounded was at 7:30am and again 10 mins ago (4.15pm). Could something be smouldering?

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