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Evacuation Chair Height

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I'm looking for a bit of advice. I recently visited a school and their evacuation chair was mounted high on the wall which would make it difficult to remove if required.

I realise fire extinguishers have a mounting height and was wondering if there is a recommending mounting height from finished floor level for Evac Chairs

Any assistance will be gratefully received.

Kind regards


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one of the most common ecacuation chairs is the Evac+Chair range. We checked this out for you:

Evac+Chair don’t state a recommended mounting height but they do make an official floor stand which is around 70 cm tall making the chair hang 5 – 10cm from the floor.


When hanging the chair on the wall with brackets we would recommend to hang the chair with a clearance of 10 to 30 cm underneath, to avoid contact when cleaning the floor, with an absolute maximum of 50cm from the floor, so that the weight of the chair can be comfortably handled. Also, the lower the chair is mounted, the lower the chances of damage should it be dropped while someone is picking it off the brackets.



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