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Commercial Kitchen

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Hello, I am currently involved in a 60 bedroom extra care new build scheme in Grimsby.

There will be a small commercial kitchen with a medium size gas hob and extractor, I have been asked if a gas shut off is mandatory and also is it necessary to have some form of a deluge or suppression system above the cooking facilities? There will be a small deep fat fryer and I have already recommended a Wet Chemical, CO2 and AFFF Extinguishers and Fire Blanket.

Any advice appreciated




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Building Control will often insist on the cut off, if the exposed surface area of the frying risk exceeds 0.4sq.m. there should be fixed suppression.

You don't need the AFFF, over complicates things - the Wet Chemical will cover Class A & F (and increasingly often B as well) and the CO2 the electrical

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