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Fire risk assessment in bar

Guest Ann

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I am carrying out a fire risk assessment for a bar/nightclub.  The site has been refurbished with upgraded fire alarm, emergency lighting and electrics.  There are 2 storeys with 1 exit on the ground floor which is also the main entrance.  There is 1  staircase (unprotected) leading down from the second floor to the ground floor.  Building control were discussing if the unprotected staircase would be acceptable with the fire service so we are still waiting for their reply.  In the meantime I have set the maximum capacity at 60 as there is only 1 exit.  The owner wants to know if there is any way this can be increased to 80 based on assessment.  He says the fire service were surprised when he told them the maximum capacity was 60 as they had been led to believe it was 120 (from the licensing report) and seemed happy with that.  

Also do I need to specify a maximum capacity for each floor?

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