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Fire Control Panel location


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I may have asked this in another topic( but waiting for approval and not sure if it went through)

Situation : 1800 Victorian conversion, History : boarding house / hotel/hotel with flats/ now all flats,   last conversion 2003  signed off by council building control in 2004, - fire panel been maintained by a local company since 2005, 

Basement flat with own entrance / small 3m corridor to main door, In the area are the electric meters and the Alarm control panel

2nd basement flat- round the back of building- own entrance, Ground floor flat own entrance ( also at back)

Rest of the 6 flats accessed through a central front door and a staircase

FRA- Recommends moving the alarm panel from the basement area corridor ( where it is housed inside the electric meter cupboard) - to the main hallway ( Hallway approx 2m wide, has a book case in it for mail, ) and no recesses to mount in, ( i have   assumed a panel would need a fire resistant cupboard) 

My own research tells me that, 1. Its not a feasible move due to the the amount of work that would be required,  2nd, fire safe says should be in an area common to all users , well it is currently as everyone has to get there meter readings, 3 flats with own entrances do not need to access the main building stairwell, nor have a entrance key to do so,   plus you would be moving it from a low traffic area, to a high traffic area ( vandalism, accidental damage etc) , i am a leaseholder in the building and out of 9 am the only owner occupier, as such i tend to keep an eye on things, 

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yes the panel covers with whole building,( though needs to be upgraded as obsolete and a few detectors are faulty) we have got a quote for this,

see attached pictures. two sets of stairs, one leading to basement flat, one leading to main building ( 6 flats) - remaining two have rear private entrances



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As AB has said it is for the convenience of the fire and rescue service so I would suggest you contact them and see what they have to say and if it has to be relocated see if a repeater control panel could be used which would be an easier/cheaper solution.

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i will send them an email see if i get a response, i would assume, that either location would be fine for them, there going to enter the basement door for a fire there,  the main building if a fire there, or the two own entrance flats at the rear, 

Currently the basement flat is the only building common area as all meters are here, 33% of flats do not enter the main building as have own access,

Due to the building offset between basement and ground floor, doors in different places, relocation i do not  think is possible without huge sums being spent,  , (ceiling down, floors up in ground floor flats etc) ,  to not actually reduce risk level significantly n my opinion, ( infact i think the chances of damage are alot higher on ground floor )

i assume ours is not a unique building  for these situations, 

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I have a similar circumstance in london to asus1987. with frontage access etc

the basement is intended to be a plantroom... high end resi.. family occupied.

architect has proposed location of panel in basement in plantroom... typical out of sight out of mind. As building has Life and property risk a monitored system and sprinklers is being installed. and is resisting panel location in front hall.

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Depending on the type of system proposed you could have the main panel in the basement with a much more compact and discreet passive repeater panel that imply details the location of the fire/activation near the entrance.

Eg - full size panel 5050002%20Fike%20Twinflex%20Pro%202%20Zone%20Fire%20Alarm%20Panel%20Rafiki%20505-0002%20with%20Multipoint%20Detection1-298x298_0.pngrepeater panel (about 25% of the size)  5050010-0011-1000x1000_0.jpg

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