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Fire Doors - Non Fire-Rated Perko Closers?


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Following an inspection of a fire door (front door to an apartment leading from a communal corridor - installed circa 2003), it has been flagged that the concealed single Perko closer is not fire-rated: 

~ Would this have been acceptable practice at time of installation? 

~ Notwithstanding the above, does said closer need to be replaced with one that is fire-rated, or would doing so be "best practice" only (i.e. there is no statutory obligation to retrofit one that is fire-rated)? 

~ Is a single Perko, rather than double Perko closer acceptable for a fire door? 


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All fire door closers should conform to BS EN 1154 and only one Perko conforms the Perko Powermatic. Also chained hidden chained door closers for fire doors, one or two chains, have been not acceptable for a long time certainly before 2003.

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Guest inferna1

Possibly too late for the OP, but this doc suggests that Perko closers were acceptable in some fire doors up to 2016. The outdated, but still not updated 2011 gov guide "Fire safety in purpose-built blocks of flats" states "The door would be fitted with an overhead self-closing device or a concealed closer in the door jamb."

While it is good practice, this is complicated by the restrictions placed on historic buildings. On what grounds must existing concealed door closers be replaced?

Door Survey (RB-28DNM6) - Assessed 2022-09-06 - For Regency Square (RB-FJ96QB).pdf


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Single chain Perko's with no adjustment have been deprecated in fire door ironmongery guidance for over 30 years as they cannot be adjusted to continue to close reliably & have a high failure rate so often doors aren't properly closed flush over latches, etc - however the government's guidance swerves this by only mentioning rising butt hinges as a definite no-no. You even see them fitted and accepted through the 90's as well.

You can get twin arm adjustable concealed closers that do comply with the latest standards, as for the old type it's up to the responsible person - if still closing a door adequately and if that door is regularly checked so a failure is promptly noted, then some RP's would deem that acceptable. Most fire door inspection companies wouldn't!

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