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Escape route

A Jones

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Morning, hope you can help with a query.

A fire risk assessment has highlighted an issue with a teaching lab in our college.

  • The lab accomodates up to 100 students
  • The lab has 2 double exit doors which lead to a lobby area
  • The max travel distance from the lab to the doors leading to the protected stairwell is 35m 
  • Area is referred to as normal risk

Would you consider the following statement from the FRA to be correct?

The main lab on the first floor has the capacity to hold up to 100 occupants. While it has two entrance doors these both lead to the same lobby and therefore cannot be considered alternative exits. Approved Document Part B advises that any room with a capacity of over 60 should have alternative exits.

If correct, in order to allow for the occupancy to be more than 60, could we segragate the lobby (with automatic closing double doors highlighted in yellow)? We would also ensure all doors open out.

Many thanks



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You said "We would also ensure all doors open out and we'll keep the lobby a sterile area" also is the corridor a protected route, if not, then I am not sure if you can achieve the travel distances.

This is the the problem trying to give sound advice without the full details and ideally being on site.

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