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Locking fire exits to village hall to avoid theft?

Guest dawnne

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I belong to a short lawn bowls club, and play a couple of times a week. Recently the caretaker of the villagehall we play in requested that because of theft from the hall, we should lock ourselves in for the duration of the games. Now I think this is a really dangerous idea, in case of fire it would only leave 1 fire exit.

Can I please have some advice.


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Hi Dawnne,

What do you mean by " in case of fire it would only leave 1 fire exit " in the case of fire all doors are fire doors, if the lead to a place of safety. It concerns me that some people think that only doors with a fire exit sign, are fire doors. Also I assume you play in a hall and in most similar situations you would need an alternative means of escape i.e. two doors. What does the fire risk assessment say?

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Guest Pambar

I wondered if you could tell me the fire regs with regards to having some form of security on a fire door,(I go through this door before entering my main front door)as we were burgaled and wanted to put some extra security on our other door which is a 'fire-door' but need to stay compliant with fire regs.Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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When a premises is unoccupied you can secure it to any degree you wish, fire doors only need to be available without resorting to the need for a key when occupied. Even when the premises is occupied you can provide certain security to fire doors check out http://www.firesafe.org.uk/security-and-fire-safety/ .

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Hi Pam

Tom is entirely right about stating that you can lock fire doors over night etc if premises are empty at this point. However, there always remains the residual risk of forgetting to open up a fire door which is also a fire exit at the start of business (of course only if the fire door is not the main entry point of the building). You could have a panic bar or panic latch on the inside of the fire door and something like a keypad on the outside to achieve secure and safe fire exits.

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On 11/1/2011 at 4:10 PM, Safelincs said:


Locking fire exits while the village hall is in use is entirely unacceptable. However, the fire exits should be protected against un-authorised use from the outside. Panic bars with locking bolts allow safe exit without allowing entry from the outside.



The building owner could also install devices so if a door is opened it will sound an alarm handy if there are resisdents near by who would hear it. Outdoor dusk to dawn lighting might help as well. 


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