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Found 12 results

  1. Guest

    Fire exit with thumb lock

    we manage a property which is a multi--tenanted office block, with different escape route for the basement tenant. There are rear of the building fire escape stairs, leading to a door which apparently releases when the fire alarm goes off. The door opens outwards onto the fire escape landing outside, which is not ideal, but worse is that on the inside there is a thumb lock which is kept locked for security purposes. Therefore this escape route is completely useless unless we can find some sort of means by which the people escaping can actually access this door and go down the main staircase and out of the front door, and also to maintain the integrity of security within the building. Our fire alarm maintenance company doesn't seem to know what to do, but this must be a pretty common problem, and wonder if you could advise? Any external door release would obviously compromise security.
  2. I belong to a short lawn bowls club, and play a couple of times a week. Recently the caretaker of the villagehall we play in requested that because of theft from the hall, we should lock ourselves in for the duration of the games. Now I think this is a really dangerous idea, in case of fire it would only leave 1 fire exit. Can I please have some advice. Thanks
  3. With regard to a student accomodation job where we are charged with providing access control to 400 plus accomodation rooms. The locking scenario is presently as follows: The door latches closed with a handle on either side for entry/ egress There is also a thumb turn to secure the door from inside. If trying to get out in an emergency the thumb turn needs to be unlocked before the student can use the door handle to get out. This creates a dual action and as I understand it this does not comply with EN 179 for single action escape. please can you clarify for me
  4. Hello. I was wondering if you can help me please. I have a problem with the front door of my property which my landlord has refused to fix until April. The door is broken and in the event of a fire in our kitchen area, we could not escape due to the awkward design of the house. We cannot get out of the house from that front door as handle is broken. Please advise.
  5. Guest

    Exit width

    Good Afternoon, What do you class as '1 Unit' in your calculation of Exit widths ?
  6. Hi I am a manager of an independant living scheme for the elderly in Rastrick, Brighouse, West Yorkshire and I have 2 tenants that are wanting a mobility scooter and i have been told by my line manager that to store them in a communal area i would need to get a fire officer to do an inspection on the court, could you please inform me who i would need to contact.
  7. Guest

    Fire exit permanently unlocked

    We have a security issue in that there is a door permanently unlocked because it is a fire exit from an enclosed garden. The situation is we are in a shared facility, two companies have a fire exit in the enclosed quadrant and then use the door through a glass walkway to get to the assembly point. Is there a way that we can secure this door but still have a way of opening it in an emergency?
  8. I just moved in into a new development. The landlord is still finishing off construction works. Many things are not okay yet. My concern is that in case of emergency to escape the building there is only one entrance door to the building and it can be operated only by key lock at the moment. So if I forget to take my key with me in case of fire then I cant escape the building. I want to know is this okay for my landlord to act like this and let people move in when the most important basic building requirements are not in a proper order?
  9. We have a large site with multiple buildings, all our escape signage is the ECC Euro sign standard. Is there a date that these signs have to be changed to the new ISO standard by law
  10. Guest

    Can fire exits be upstairs?

    Hi there If you have a building with 2 floors, the top floor has 2 fire exits situated at the opposite ends of the building. The bottom floor has an entrance in the middle and 2 staircases both at the opposite ends of the building that lead to the upstairs fire exits does that comply with regulations? Would it make a difference whether you had to go up the stairs rather than down to reach the fire escape? Many Thanks
  11. Guest

    Insufficient escape route?

    I am making an enquiry on behalf of my husband who works for a local voluntary organisation. The premises are located in the upstairs rooms of a terraced propery. The shop occupies the ground floor and the entrances are separate and not connected. Basically there is one entrance/exit for the offices - down the stairs and out onto the street. There is only one full time employee but a number of volunteers in and out at various times with a maximum of 12 on the premises on training nights. He is unable to raise his query with the HSE as they no longer have a phoneline available to answer questions of this nature. But he feels that, with only one exit (apart from the window) the premises are unsafe from a fire perspective as there is no backup means of evacuation. He is trying to find out what the HSE guidelines are regarding permissable number of people working in an office with no fire escape. Are you able to give him any information please? Many thanks for your assistance Regards
  12. Hello We have two fire exits on the ground floor of our flat. Our management firm recently chained one of them shut saying that it was entirely legal because there is one other fire exit. It was chained shut for about a fortnight, supposedly for safety during the riots and has now been removed. Please could you advise as I am a bit concerned for my own safety and that of my fellow tenants! Thanks. Joe
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