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Convector Heating in Communal Hallway

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Hi there, 

We've been having an absolute nightmare regarding our communal hallway for a block of 4 apartments. Our complex is made up of around 30 blocks of 4-5 flats, all with communal hallways. These hallways have electric convector heating in them where the heater is just away from the end of the staircase. We pay an amount to our management company every month for upkeep of the gardens and other communal spaces such as cleaners. This also used to include the cost of heating and electrics used in the communal spaces. 

As of August our management company has told us that they can no longer run the electric heaters in the halls as it is a fire safety risk following a Fire Risk Assessment. Our monthly amount hasn't decreased (and our heating bill has gone up due to the very cold hallway making our own hallways very cold) and a few tenants are now worried as to whether the management is just using this as an excuse to pocket what would have been the electric bill, or if this is a genuine concern. They took steps following the Fire Assessment, e.g replacing non-fire repellent doors and fixing any buggy fire detection equipment. Are there steps they could take to ensure the heating can come back on?


Any help on what they could do would be really useful!

Much appreciated

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