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Typical cost for single Fire Door Inspection Report


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I have been asked by the management company of the block to provide a BM Trada Certificate for my front door which leads onto a communal door. 

As the front door is the original one (1960s ex LA flat) I do not have such a certificate, which I understand are provided for replacement doors only, although the existing door may still be adequate as it has smoke seals, closer etc.

What would be the typical cost for a fire inspector to initially assess a single door and provide me with a report (with necessary recommendations)? I am based in Nottingham and the nearest inspector I could see online is based in Leicester. I have tried to find this out by looking at websites but no prices are listed. 

Would a further inspection report be needed after any upgrade work, presumably with a 'satisfactory/safe' rating, if that is how reports are scored ?

Kind regards,

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There's no legal requirement to have a BM Trada certificate for a fire door, even a brand new one being fitted and an existing doorset can in some cases be acceptable if in good condition or be upgradable in situ (see relevant section in https://www.local.gov.uk/sites/default/files/documents/fire-safety-purpose-built-04b.pdf).

Lots of TMC & freeholders agents are going beyond the minimum requirement as it's not them potentially paying up to £500 for a complete new doorset (some have done this to their costs as leaseholders have taken them to tribunal and won where the leases as well as fire safety benchmarks didn't give them power to demand this).

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