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can I be made to remove a fire escape?

sarah mills

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 ago. I agreed to remove the access over the rear garden, in and out of the back gate, at all times, to access only as a secondary means of escape, in an emergency. This is fine, but I've looked at the deeds today, and I've noticed that the title that once said the property consisted of the first floor flat, and the staircase leading to the flat, now just states the first floor flat- the staircase has gone!! It is a purpose built flat, and the staircase has always been there (the freeholder and I recently had a new one put in) and there is a door (obviously. It's in my kitchen) The freeholder lets me use the garden anyway at the moment, but this right will be removed when I sell. Am really worried, that any future freeholder may make me remove the staircase, as in the deeds, there is only emergency access. and no mention of a staircase! I must add, there are hundreds of flats near me, and all have fire escapes where practical. Mine has been there since it was built in 1925. Any ideas?

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Guest fire escape

I live in a first floor flat and there is a fire escape route over a flat roof of the extension on the ground floor. It was a requirement for planning and fire regulations for the conversion to be passed. The fire escape is not in my lease only in the planning and building regulations . can the freeholder remove the fire escape?

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Not without Building Regulations approval. If you think unauthorised work is going on contact your council Building Control for the Building Regulations contravention & the council Environmental Health/Housing or the Fire Service for the fire safety issues resulting from approval (it might be in either jurisdiction, start with the council)

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I contacted the fire building inspector at the council and he has said that the freeholder says its not in the lease so they cant stop him removing it and making a roof garden for himself. Even tho it was a condition of planning when it was converted that it had to have this fire escape put in. Please please help my children will not be able to get out of the flat if there was a fire in the kitchen. Any advice to put me in the right direction would be appreciataed.

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