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Corridor doors connected to fire alarms


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Hi All, I need to connect some doors in a corridor so the residents can't go through them, a code on 1 side and a push button on the other, now this I fully understand, but the home have been told this needs to be connected to the fire panel so when the panel picks up an emergency the doors release from the magnets, I've been advised this can be carried out by connecting a nearby sounder to the door control gear, any help much appreciated 


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If it's a care home you don't have them set to all release like that as the risk from resident's absconding, particularly in dementia care, is far higher than in fire. 

As you are using staff to evacuate the compartment of origin they would use the local overrides at each door, leaving the compartments not in fire secure (important as all the staff are busy in the compartment on fire or at the control panel awaiting the fire service). There would be a manual override that would release all the doors at the fire panel as a back up, but properly managed progressive evacuation rarely needs it.

You should seek advice from a third party certified fire risk assessor with decent care home experience who can give advice specific to your situation and importantly put it in your risk assessment.

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