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Is FD30 still Valid

Michael Thorne

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No they aren't. Building Regulations still differentiates between situations where FD30S & FD30 doors are required and until the doorset has it's seals fitted there is the possibility of fitting either just intumescent strips or strips and cold smoke brushes.

A traditional interpretation has been that FD30 doors are for property protection (preventing the spread of heat and flame but not hazardous fire effluent) FD30S doors are for life safety as well as providing property protection.

Some fire door inspectors will not risk assess and will condemn anything other than a certified FD30S, others will, in accordance with current government guidance and recommended risk assessment methodology be more proportionate - whilst FD30S should still be an aspirational goal in all cases there are circumstances where upgraded or notional doors remain tolerable in the interim (look at the Determination on fire doors by the Secretary of State,whilst it only applies to that one building it shows the thought process behind the proportionate approach). 

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This could have been a matter of interpretation, I would think all door manufacturers have their fire doors tested to BS 476 part 22 and part 31, so if you you fit cold smoke seals, to manufacturer's instructions, it is a FD30s fire door, without they are FD30 door, but it is up the FRA weather you use FD30 or FD30s doors. 

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Guest Fire Doors

I am envolved with a welfare hall (community centre) in my local area. It has two stories and is publicly used. A nursery is based there as well as a bowls club, drama clubs and many more activities. There are no fire doors throughout the building, are they required?

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As a minimum you would expect to see them to protect the stairway.

Many halls fell outside fire safety legislation other than some minor conditions for the main hall if licensed for dance etc, so many are having to catch up on 60 years of legislation now coming under the Fire Safety Order.

A Fire Risk Assessment is needed to determine requirements such as fire doors, escape routes,  fire alarms, etc, etc as there may be several issues requiring attention. 

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