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Manual Call Points & Addressable System


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Hi, Currently I have an Kentec Addressable Fire Alarm System, 

Is there any way manual call points which are not the addressable type  be added to the system? 

Also what is the requirements for joins in fire cable, I.e best practice 

Any advice would be great thanks.

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If you don't know the answer to these questions then you should NOT be messing around with fire alarm systems.

You can of course run a conventional radial zone of call points & detectors on an addressable system by having the usual end of line resistor at one end of the radial and the other linked to a Zone Monitor on the addressable loop. Of course you won't get an individual address for the devices, only the monitor will have an address and text e.g. "Zone 3-2nd floor", but it allows for gradual upgrades of existing systems - it's not unknown for a building to have a nice shiny addressable panel, but the loop only has conventional zones from the old system on and no addressable devices. I've even seen an old 3-wire 240V system linked to an addressable system.

If you are having to junction box cables remember it's a critical signal path so must be fire resisting and don't mess up the connecting, many a bodge has reversed polarity, caused earth faults, short or open circuits and generally affected the efficacy of the system.

For technical advice the www.firealarmengineers.com/forum  is invaluable, but anyone unqualified and trying to bodge will rightly get a frosty reply!



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