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Automatic Opening Vent


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Hello all,

I am new to FRA so any help would be appreciated, i have completed my FRA course with the Fire Protection Association just recently so wanted to make sure am doing all correctly

I am currently doing a FRA for communal areas only for a 4 storey building which has 3 flats (2 occupied at the moment) ground floor being refurbished into a flat as was old cab office.

There is a management company looking(owns) the building and they have instructed us.

Would i recommend them to have a AOV(Automatic Opening Vent) in the property?

Also would you recommend fire extinguishers on the landings?

I have also recommended a PEEP is that correct?

They have smoke detectors, maintained lighting, need a fire door to main entrance which i have recommended and also to do their test for smoke/lights etc, no alarm


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I'm not going to answer as you need further training and experience. Which FPA course did you do? There is a specific one for residential FRAs  as the standard commercial premises ones don't cover this type of premises.

All credit to you for doing recognised training, but sadly too many people think fire safety is a 'zero to hero' type job where you do a short course (or less!) and hey presto you can start doing FRAs for money in all sorts of premises- some of these assessors have ended up in jail by thinking like this as a result.

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