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Rubber ferrule for door retainers

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Hi All,

What is the rule for using rubber ferrules on the plunger type door retainers? Do they have to be fire retardent, or can they be normal rubber? As far as I can see I think the answer is they don't need to be fire retardent as long as the door retainer does not compromise the integrity of the fire door itself, is this correct?



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What do you means by plunger type door retainers and are we talking about fire doors. If they are fire doors, are they Dorgard or other acceptable Fire Door Retainers. If so, it looks like you have answered your own question and is correct.

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Hi Perky

The materiel does not need to be fire retardant. To pass the fire proofing tests, you must put a complete product on a door. If that door passes the test, it's proof that the product does not compromise the composition of the fire door. The Dorgard had all these test successfully carried out.


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