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Signing in register for mobile employees

Guest MLacey

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Not sure if anyone can advise, I am currently looking at our companies emergency plan and we don't have a system to know which staff are on site.

In case of fire and evacuation we wouldn't have anything to give the fire service to know if any staff were missing.

Office staff isn't a problem, I can set up a register but we have mobile fitters who work out on our yard and go out to clients sites for breakdowns and I have been told they won't come to the office to sign in and out as it's not practical.

Has anyone any suggestions?

Many thanks,


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If you're relying on a register to account for all persons after an evacuation, the question you have to ask yourself is:

"Can I guarantee that this list is 100% accurate 100% of the time?"

The answer is most likely to be "No". Area checks are the way to go.

In addition, presenting inaccurate information to the attending Emergency Services could lead to them being put at unnecessary risk.

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