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Communal lighting in communal hallways and stairs.


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I live in a small block of flats with 5 floors. We can't seem to get our contractors to set the correct timing for lighting in communal hallways and stairs.

In the summer the lighting came on at 6pm and it has just changed to after 8pm + for the winter. When I came home at 8pm the hallways were dark and the emergency lighting wasn't bright enough to light the stairs. It's a mixed building with children, retirees etc

What times should lighting be set at in summer and winter in the London area? No one seems to know the correct timingo.  We get charged for each visit.

With regards emergency lighting - isn't this enough to guide you safely if there's no lighting?



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You have two types of lighting the normal lighting which should be available at any time it is required and emergency escape lighting, which should come on, when the electricity supply to the normal lighting fails.

The emergency escape lighting should only be illuminated when the electricity supply to the normal lighting loses its supply and it has a very low level of illumination (1 to 2 lux), you can check this with an app on your phone, but it should be sufficient to enable the occupants to find their way out of the premises safely.

If the Responsible Person wishes to automatically control the switching of the normal lighting it should be on when required, and there are ways to design a system that can achieve this.

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I would say that there is no set "time" since it will depend on your exact location and surrounding buildings (Making it darker earlier) and the closer to winter it gets the earlier it gets dark, why not suggest they install a photo cell outside? That way when it gets dark the lights will come on, and when it gets light they will turn off. Never any need for anyone to visit to change any timer.

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