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Freeholder question re alarm

Guest Glenn

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I am the freeholder of a Victorian building, that has been converted into 3 separate and self contained flats, one one the ground floor, one first floor and one second floor.

I have responsibility for the structure of the building, but not the inside of each flat as they are sold on ling leases. I do have responsibility for the communal area of the block, which comprises of a stairwell only, and then some outside space.

I have recently installed extinguishers and signage in the stairwell, but I am looking to understand what responsibility I have for smoke/fire alarm system in the communal area. Please could you indicate which section I should be looking in on your website for this, as it is not immediately obvious from the headings given in your guidance. The property is not a HMO, as they are self contained flats.

Thank you in advance.


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Assuming your premises is located in England or Wales then the legislation you are subject to, in the common areas, is The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005  and the fire safety guidance is FIRE SAFETY Guidance on fire safety provisions for certain types of existing housing you will find a summary on page 48. 

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Guest Fire alarm system

Hello - 4 self contained flats in converted Victorian building (not converted to Regs). I flat on each floor.  1 sometimes 2 of the flats are rented out.  Property in England.

Fire Safety Report recommended Grade A Fire alarm system the communal areas with LD3 coverage in each flat.

Exit is by one central staircase - there is no 'fire escape'

The Freeholder has had further conversations with those writing the report and quoting for the work and they have now downgraded the alarm to Grade D and say this is sufficient and easier for residents to test etc.

As I rent out the top floor flat my main concern is the safety of my tenants and my compliance withe the law/regs - not the cost of the works (the downgrade reduces the cost of the works significantly).

If those writing the report say Grade D is now OK can I rely on that?  They are IFE registered.  

Thank you


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Check out page 47 in the above guide and it reads  "Grade A:LD2 coverage in the common areas and a heat alarm in each flat in the room/lobby opening onto the escape route (interlinked) and a grade D LD3 coverage in each flat  (non-interlinked smoke alarm in the room/lobby opening onto the escape route) to protect the sleeping occupants of the flat."   

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