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Lighting over fire alarm panels

Guest Bradley

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Depends on the location of the panel if it is in an escape route then yes it would, also the risk assessment should determine how important the panel is to the evacuation. If the panel is located in the room where communication to the fire and rescue service is located then again I would say yes, it would all depend on the outcome of your risk assessment.

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Whilst not law in itself the benchmark for emergency lighting is BS5266-1:2016 which states:
Inspection of the condition of fire alarm control and indicating equipment
To carry out inspection of the condition of fire alarm panels and repeaters, and fire alarm zone diagrams and instructions, the illumination needs to be
sufficient to:
a) enable displays to be read accurately;
b) enable staff to locate the source of the fire;
c) operate controls.
Table E.1 shows the typical minimum emergency lighting level to be used on sudden failure of the normal lighting in the vicinity of fire alarm control and
indicating equipment. This also applies to any repeater panels or building plans that might be used.

(Table E1 indicates a lighting level of 15 lux for the full rated duration of the buildings emergency lighting)

A risk assessment will determine the need to follow this, although it's not normally a big job (single well placed fitting or conversion kit) so is usually reasonably practicable if you don't already have coverage.

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