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Fire Training Qualifications


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Hi!  Hopefully someone here will be able to shed some light for me......

I'm getting a growing number of enquiries from existing clients as to whether I can hold fire safety training for them.  This is not something I currently offer however it now seems I am turning away a lot of business.

Can anyone advise which, if any certification / qualifications are required to deliver such training including perhaps a live fire simulator.  I've trawled and trawled to no avail.

I have over 20 years experience as an industrial fire leader, so I have the knowledge and experience, however is this sufficient to make me 'competent' to train others?

Thanks in advance!! 

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What sort of training are they asking for? You can deliver basic 'fire safety/awareness' training if you have completed a Competent Person course. This is generally a full day course at your local Fire Service HQ and costs a couple hundred pounds. They're generally aimed at school/residential home staff but not necessarily. It's essentially the same as a fire warden course but with extra training for delivering staff training and carrying out risk assessments. I don't believe you can deliver live fire simulations though.

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It is exactly that, basic fire/extinguisher awareness and I did get one enquiry about fire warden training.

i am aware of other companies offering on site practical extinguisher training with a live simulator and I know there will be (or certainly should be!) some mandatory training/competence assessment to be able to deliver as such, I just can't find it!

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Several OFQUAL registered Awarding Organisations do train the trainer qualifications for fire training in addition to their usual stable of first aid & first aid trainer qualifications.

For live extinguishers you will need to have practical experience yourself as well as suitable insurance, plus the rigs aren't cheap!

Whilst not yet mandatory for fire training it's becoming more common in similar sectors to need to hold a formal adult teaching & assessing qualification in addition to subject qualifications, this would be worth considering if you may be contemplating expanding even further in future to train first aid.

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