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apartment fire exit door fail safe or fail secure electric strike ?

Guest davey

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Were having a new main entrance / only fire exit door fitted to our block of 12 flats.

Were also having a new fob operated acess control system fitted.

We have a hard wired fire alarm system that is fully maintained and tested as it should be.

do we spec a fail safe or fail secure electric lock strike ?

any advice appreciated ?

cheers Davey

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If it's a means of escape Building Regulations doesn't usually allow electro-mechanical locks such as electronic keeps, but prefers electromagnetic locks.

If however there is an internal means of unlatching the door without operating the keep/strike (tumbturn operated deadlock latch or a night latch [Yale lock]) then it's OK as releasing the door does not rely on the electromechanical part of the access system.

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Guest Nathan

Sorry to jump on an old post, however, I have a similar situation.


The exit door has a thumb turn on the inside so that the residents are able to escape in the event of a fire alarm trigger. Is there any legislation that says about access for the fire brigade. The door is fitted with fail secure and a firemans switch and in the event of a power failure, residents will be able to exit, however, the fire brigade would be either reliant on someone opening the door or they would have to force entry.





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