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In need of a fire alarm


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Hi.... I didn’t realize it’s importance until I faced a huge terrible day. I had a minor fire accident in kitchen and fortunately I had my husband at home and was able to douse the fire. I take all precautions to prevent fire accidents but  drops of oil along the wrist area of the stove triggered the fire and set it on. The fire was doused before anything detrimental could happen but it created a fear within me. I feel that a fire alarm will help prevent such hazards in future. Can you suggest me some best dealers to get one installed. All comments invited. Thanks in advance.

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I fire alarm will not prevent a fire occurring but will warn you a fire has occurred and you can take the necessary action, including getting out the house to a place of safety. It is fire prevention that stop fires and if you had cleaned up the drops of oil a fire would not occurred, there are many other fire preventions steps you can take to make your house safe from fire. However you do need a fire alarm for the reason stated above and it depends on the layout of your premises how sophisticated it needs to be, check it out with safelincs. http://www.safelincs.co.uk/smoke-alarms/

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Whilst I agree with Tom that prevention is the best option, human error still occurs, as well as smoke detectors, I suggest a Water mist extinguisher for the kitchen area as this will cover almost anything and a Foam extinguisher for the remainder of the house. (Not to be used on LIVE electrical equipment) I am assuming it is a house? if it isn't, you may require a "non D.I.Y." fire alarm with fire panel

I always look at it that its best to have one and never use it, than to need one and you haven't go one.

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