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Safe? Kitchen extractor thru wall into garage


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I am about to buy a bungalow & have found a few things of concern.

The biggest concern is the following:

The kitchen extractor has been ducted through the kitchen/garage wall into the garage space across the wall & out through the soffit.

This has been achieved by using a WC U bend upwards out of the kitchen wall, then connected to a Soil pipe U bend to turn it left, then connected to a length of soil pipe, another U Bend soil pipe upwards over eaves then using a plastic flexi hose out through the soffit.

Does this comply with the fire regs?

Is it safe?

I realise there is an issue with the distance & bends causing back pressure to the extractor & possibly overheating, but is the whole thing safe or allowed given that it now breaks the supposed fire break between garage & house?

There is connecting garage door into the house utility room that has no closer (never been one fitted) & no Intumescent fire strips fitted, although the frame is rebated for them, so if they cant comply with the simple building regs, I have to wonder about this method of extraction thru the garage.

I know, a little bit of knowledge is dangerous, but I am concerned





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The age of the property (and the age of construction of the garage if not an original feature) will determine whether there is no fire door, a notional fire door (rebated no strips) or a current FD30S door.

Most minor domestic building work won't go through Building Control even though it should, so it sounds like your extract was put in under the radar using random components

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Further to what AB has said the purpose of the fire resistance between the garage and the house is to prevent a fire in the garage spreading to your house and affecting your means of escape. I would ask the seller to bring the fire door (FD30s S/C) and the breech of the fire resisting wall up to current building standards or ask for a reduction in price so you can. 

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