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Fire drill requirement in HMO or student accommodation


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Hi, could you help with the above, whilst I am aware that there is a workplace fire drill requirement, schools and nurseries etc - would there be such a requirement for HMO's or student accommodation (private blocks) etc. There is next to nothing about this on the net. Whilst a practice drill is a best practice - is it a legal requirement for such buildings and if so how would it be managed (there would be no staff on the site etc) ?

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The legal requirement is article 21 of The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and require the Responsible person to train all his employees what to do in the case of fire, which includes practice drills.

Only the common areas of  HMO's or student accommodation (private blocks) are subject to The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 therefore the Responsible Person does not have control over the tenants, other than give them sound advice, but in a workplace he/she does.

It is the Housing Act that controls the whole of the premises in residential situations.

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Fire drills are not normally considered appropriate in residential sleeping risk such as HMO's and flats, even when a fire alarm system is fitted. The main requirement is that the evacuation strategy (evacuate or stay put)  is clearly communicated to and understood by all residents.

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Guest StewartBai

Hi please can you let know. if it is illegal to have a system in our apartments that used to go off for testing every Monday at 5 pm but has not been tested for 3-4 months Is this legal Please can you let me know.

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