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exit same as store entrance


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Just wanted to know I work in a small store with the front door is the only door and its the fire escape, but between the store front and were us technicians are there are two doors one that is locked with a pass key for employees. We also have no window escapes there is a glass hammer but the windows are about 30CM tall ant close to the ceiling covers in metal bars which cannot be removed. the premises is rented and we do have extinguishers 

many thanks 

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It sounds unacceptable and depends on the travel distances and how would you be warned of fire that occurred in the two rooms you have to pass through to get to the final exit? It sound like you have a hammer to break the window to escape which is not acceptable and there should be fire extinguishers. I would suggest you contact the local fire and rescue service, anonymously, and try to arrange a visit.

Check out  http://www.firesafe.org.uk/uk-fire-rescue-services-details/ 

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If it was just an inner room/access room then a Grade D smoke alarm to the access room and changing the lock to one that doesn't require a key from the inside would be the solution, but it sounds like an inner inner room situation - not usually permitted.

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