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Fire exit onto public path

Guest Daniel

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Guest Daniel


I work for a maintenance company and we have been asked to install push bars onto a set of doors which our client wishes to use as a fire escape.

The doors currently open inwards.

One site has doors which lead straight onto public footpath running at the back of the site.

The second site has a set of doors used to escape onto a back alley/walkway at the back of the site, this leads to a gate/door which leads onto a public footpath - this is the location where they wish to have push bars installed.

I have suggested to install a push pad and D handle with appropriate signage and lighting in addition, but I'd like to know if this is the correct advise or if we can instead replace the current wooden doors and install with new steel doors which open outwards.

Can you please advise?

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Kind regards,

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These doors appear to be final exit doors and the material they are constructed of is irrelevant but as you are fitting panic bars the need to open in the direction of escape and will not restrict the width of the escape route when open. The width of the doors should be capable of passing the number likely to use them in an emergency and should open in the direction of escape however if the number is less than sixty they can open inwards.

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If the door needs to be panic proof then it must open outwards as it will jam shut against the pressure of exiting persons. A push pad and pull handle is terrible as they are contradictory and are going to make the exit more awkward to use.

If it's OK to open inwards do not fit any push fastenings, just any suitable lever or thumbturn type device that leaves the door not requiring a key or code to open.

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In light of AB response I reconsidered the question and realized the significance of the D handle which appears that Dan proposes to fit a panic bar to an inward opening door and when operated use the  D handle to pull the door open, this is strictly a NO NO. If a push bar is necessary then the door must open in direction of escape (outwards) and in most situations the door has to be set back to ensure when open it does not restrict the means of escape.

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