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Only manual break points in DIY store

Guest Selma

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Guest Selma

Hello there,
I am a business development manager for a DIY retail business on an industrial estate, which has been running for 30 years. We are currently looking at all the HSE systems/policies and most things are in place, however, we have a breakglass system and no automatic systems on the site at all. Is an automated system required? The other thing is there are no smoke alarms or sprinkler systems. Do we need to have some put in or is it ok as is?

Kind regards

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Many premises are fitted only with  Manual Call Boxes (MCB), it all depends on what is necessary and your Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) will decide on that. Check your FRA and see what significant finding have been highlighted and maybe only MCB's are all that is required. If you choose you can fit other Fire Safety systems for property protection, but there is no legal requirement however it may improve your insurance quotes.

Check out http://www.firesafe.org.uk/regulatory-reform-fire-safety-order-2005/


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You only require a Category M (manual call points) system to meet the minimum legal requirement for life safety. Detection in your type of store would only be required to protect means of escape, usually only for specific issues such as inner rooms. The reason you may see similar stores with extensive detection is for property protection which is a business decision not a legal requirement (although your insurers may make it a requirement of cover).

If it isn't sprinklered already then the undivided compartment size of your premises falls below any requirement under Building Regulations to provide them and you wouldn't need to retro fit unless you wanted the property protection they afford.

To determine if your current usage and layout may warrant detection you should have a suitable Fire Risk Assessment carried out.

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