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Emergency Lighting LED

Guest Bob Wilson

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Guest Bob Wilson

I have a question for anyone that can help.

Is there any legal obligation to have an LED indicator on emergency lights in the UK that is visible from the user end if the device is a manual test unit?

The reason I ask is we have in our office a 60x60 LED panel unit where the LED light indicator is on the back by the driver - so only visible if you pop your head up into the ceiling. It is just one light that goes from green to red.

As I understand the BS standard there are multiple options for how emergency lights can be supplied. Either self test (where you must have an LED status indicator to show the product is working as it should) or manual test where you literally press the test button and that tests the lights by shutting off the AC power to the unit.

Ours has a manual test function. So we feel that there is no issue that the LED indicator is not visible from the ground, as the unit has been installed as a manual test device. 

Is that a correct understanding of the regulations?

Many thanks

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All that I can find, is part of the annual test BS EN 50172:2004 BS 5266-8:2004 states "the supply of the normal lighting shall be restored and any indicator lamp or device checked to ensure that it is showing that normal supply has been restored" so without checking the LED how do you know if the supply has been restored? I also checked BS EN 60598-1 which does not appear to require LED's but you need to see the LED to complete the annual service test, don't understand it. Conforming to the BS is not a  legal obligation but it is best practice, I must leave it at that for the moment but I will continue with my research.

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I found the manufacturing standard it is  BS EN 60598-2-22:2014 Luminaires. Particular requirements. Luminaires for emergency lighting and it states " an indicator visible in normal use, for example a lamp, which shows the following conditions, the luminaire is connected and the charge of the battery is being maintained " so it seems your luminaire does not conform the BS.

The lamp in most cases will be an LED and should show green if OK.

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