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Creche on first floor - evacuation route

Guest AhmeE

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Dear sir/madam,

I am writing to you regarding evacuation measures on advice from the British Council, as we are an accredited centre for English language.

We have a crèche for our students with young children and this is located on the first floor. I understand that, where possible, this should be located on the ground floor with a direct exit.

We have completed our own risk assessment on the crèche and have evacuation measures in place. We used resources from firesafe.org.uk and the gov.uk website to complete these.

The room we currently use for the crèche is located at the rear of the building nearest to the stairs leading directly to the rear fire exit.

There is an alternative exit reached along an upstairs corridor, which exits out to the front of the premises.

Would you be able to advise us on our evacuation measures further if I provided copies of the risk assessment and evacuation plan?

Kind regards,


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Sorry Ahmed I do not wish to get that involved, I am sure safelincs would agree with me, we are not an online fire consultancy agent and you would have to employ the services of a fire consultant/assessor to check out  your evacuation measures. As you are aware we will show you where to find the information how to comply with the fire safety order but that is as far as I would go.

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