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Reference needed neighbouring property public thoroughfare


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I have read a post where the answer that was given by Mr. Sutton ended with "The means of escape from a premises doesn’t finish until it discharges onto the public thoroughfare."

This is my situation. The next door property want a fire door leading onto my property but to escape they would have to go through my usually locked gate to get to the public street. Can you please tell me, if possible, where I can view the regulations that say it does not finish until it discharges  onto the public thoroughfare.


Thank you.


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Check out article 2. Interpretation of  The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

"workplace" means any premises or parts of premises, not being domestic premises, used for the purposes of an employer's undertaking and which are made available to an employee of the employer as a place of work and includes - 

(a) any place within the premises to which such employee has access while at work; and
(b) any room, lobby, corridor, staircase, road, or other place -
      (i) used as a means of access to or egress from that place of work; or
      (ii) where facilities are provided for use in connection with that place of work,
other than a public road;

My interpretation is that the workplace includes the route out of the workplace but ceases when it reaches a public road.

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