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Locked door between properties with lock override


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Guest JanieH

I need to specify a lock at first floor level of a house which will divide the house from a separate student lettable space adjacent. For fire escape purposes it would be good to fit a lock which has an override in the event of fire so that each property can escape into the other. It would look really horrible to have an escape push bar. Is there anything that you could recommend, perhaps connected to the fire alarm system?

Many thanks Janie

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A magnetic lock with green release boxes on each side of the door, interconnected to the fire alarm. If the power supply fails or the fire alarm actuates the magnetic lock will open, if not, operating the green boxes will open the lock. There used to be a deadlock with a lever underneath which was located in a glass fronted recess but unfortunately I cannot find one. 

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If the door is only ever used for fire a cheaper and less electrical method is to go back to the traditional devices used back in the 60's:

Mk2 Redlam Bolt - can be used from either side of the door:


Mortice lever roller bolt fire escape deadlatch (door has a key lock with an override lever accessible from both sides via a break glass panel) - go to http://www.imperiallocks.co.uk/ and ask for a local distributor

Assa 8560 Break Dome Turn Assembly for use with an ASSA Light Sprung Nightlatch without Lockback


Or the Union equivalent http://www.uniononline.co.uk/en/site/union-online/products/exit-hardware/general-exit-hardware/8070---emergency-turn-cover/


guardian lock.jpg

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Yes AB the "mortice lever roller bolt fire escape deadlatch" is the one I was thinking about which can be accessed from either side, the only problem is if it is a FD30 door. Are you sure the others can be made accessible from either side?

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