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Twinflex callpoint query.


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I have a Fike Twinflex system with a manual callpoint 402-0006 as the first thing in the chain. Then 8 sensors and then another manual callpoint at the end of line. The call point at the end of the line has the eol switched to on and the red light flashes on the front. However the red light on the call point at the start of the chain only flashes if its eol switch is set to on. I think i am correct in thinking it should have the eol switch set to off, but if i do, the red light does not flash. Any ideas?

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Only the device at the end of the zone wiring should have an EOL, 

On Twinflex call points when the EOL option is activated the LED flashes once every 5 seconds otherwise it stays off. If a call point is activated (EOL or not) it's LED will flash twice a second.

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Guest Mark

Hi could anyone help I have a fike call point as my EOL but have no power going into it the 2 devices before have power and the EOL are to off, any ideas 

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