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Interface for fire alarm system

Guest Dina

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Guest Dina

If I have a fire alarm interface for the main Access Control Panel, do I still need to add fire alarm interfaces to individual doors?

Your advice will be highly appreciated.

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Guest Tony C

In short Yes. If your door access system consists of control units and possibly a server or pc running some access control software, that are all wired togather in either an IP or RS232/485 network then because it could be possible that comms between a door control unit and the server may be faulty or for any random reason not active at the exact time of the of the fire alarm activating, then that door would fail to open, In access control software does have the facility to program and controller to tell tell whole system theres a fire open all doors, so you would only need 1 fire alarm relay, and they'll even operate in standalone mode with the server turned off but the controlers have to have comms to the server get any new system information like new staff members card details or unlock all doors cos theres a fire. To make the door release fail proof, a fire alarm relay for each door controler, wired in series with the power supply for the door locks will take control of the situation and drop off the lock power wether the door controller knows theres a fire or not and will only let the doors lock again when the fire alarm has been reset. Theres a few exceptions to this like in special needs schools or nursing homes where the buildings users would need help with mobility and I cant see a bank being happy with its doors being unlockable when all staff are 500 yards down the road at the specified muster point during an evacuation, especially if it turns out to be a false alarm.

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