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Zone charts

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There is no law that says zone panels are required, but the guidance clearly state they are very much desired, to assist the fire service in establishing the location of any detectors that have operated which could be a fire.

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Dear Sirs

I manage a commercial property comprising 3 shops on the ground floor with 3 offices above. There is independent access to all shops from the front and the offices are accessed seperately from a side entrance which leads to a stairwell and corridoor with 3 offices off.

The building is 1970s and maintained by fire safety company who check the alarm regularly by sounding and testing and also check emergency lighting etc.

My query is, is it recommendatoryt or is it mandatory to have a fire alarm zone chart for the building?

I look forward to your confirmation.

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Very little individual actions are in themselves law - the regulations set out the broad fire safety aims, how they are achieved can vary meaning sometimes a particular item is essential to comply with the law yet in other circumstances merely recommended - hence the Fire Risk Assessment.

So there is no sentence in law saying "you shall have a zone plan", but by not having them you may be in breach of the broad aims - your emergency plan could be affected if you don't have them and the lack of zone plans was one of the contributory factors in the multi fatality Rosepark Care Home fire in 2004.

Not much point having a zoned fire alarm without them.

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