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Do we need exit lighting on external stairs

Guest AndyH

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Guest AndyH

Factory unit internal mez-floor, through fire escape door to ground floor via stair case which is external from building to car park
a) Does the escape stairs require dark hours lighting?
B) does exit lighting need to be maintained?
All employees are aware of fire drill and all exits. Any help you can give me would be most appreciated.

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The normal lighting and emergency escape lighting, if required, should be extended down the external fire escape with a switch located where you exit the premises onto the escape, also should be signed “External Fire Escape Light Switch” or something similar.

Emergency escape lighting is required to ensure there is sufficient light, if the normal lighting should fail in a fire, to ensure occupants can find their way out safely. This light can be provided by reliable borrowed light or emergency escape light units.

This can be tested by choosing the worst scenario and isolate the electric mains and see if you can find your way out safely, this should be done when the premises are empty and the person carrying out the test should carry a flashlight in case it is required.

The levels of light required is a minimum of 1 lux down the centre line of the means of escape and if persons with bad eyesight can be present, then a minimum of 3 lux is required, in open areas a minimum of 0.5 lux is required.

Maintained lighting is only required when the normal lighting is dimmed or switched off during the time the premises is occupied like cinemas, theatres or clubs, other premises non-maintained is normal.

The appropriate British Standard is BS 5266-1:2011 Emergency lighting. Code of practice for the emergency escape lighting of premises.

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Guest Frank

Regarding the following:

A two storey HMO with an eternal emergency exit staircase route that has no borrowed lighting. The fire escape staircase is mounted on the exterior of the building at the rear of the property. This staircase serves as the sole fire escape routeand, is the only exit and entrance for tenants. The staircase spills out at a ‘passing point’ entry and exit of a residential car park*There are other sections to this building that has accommodations with tenants, however these do not have the same entry/exit routes. The staircase in question has a manual main light switch, and the area is in complete darkness when these lights are off (or atlas they are on occasion). There is also a large concrete plant pot with plant placed at the bottom of this staircase.


Can you identify any discrepancy regarding legislations and regulations?

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