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Location of fire blankets in commercial kitchens

Guest Kristina

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Guest Kristina


I hope you could are able to help me. I would like to find out if there is any protocol on where the fire blankets should be kept in the kitchen area of a commercial property?

Many thanks,


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Fire blankets should be available for immediate use at all times and should be located

· in conspicuous positions on brackets;

· where they will be readily seen by persons following an escape route;

· most suitably, near to room exits;

· in similar positions on each floor, where floors are of similar appearance.

Fire blankets should not be located,

· where a potential fire might prevent access to them;

· in concealed positions behind doors, in cupboards or deep recesses;

· where they might cause obstruction to exit routes;

· in positions in rooms or corridors away from exit routes unless they are necessary to cover a particular hazard.

The position and type of a fire extinguisher should be indicated on a sign so that, if the extinguisher is removed, this can be identified during a safety inspection, and a replacement ordered.

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Fire blankets are only really intended for small equipment using cooking oils (chip pan & similar) and a rule of thumb is that if your Class F risk involves more than 3 litres of oil or a container over 300mm diameter then you really should have the required number of F-rated Wet Chemical or Water Mist extinguishers (or even a fixed system for the larger ranges)

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