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What fire measures are needed?


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Is this office part of a larger building? You need to consider the building if you consider a fire alarm is necessary. The type and number of fire extinguishers will depend on the fire risk in the office. The means of escape should be satisfactory considering the size of the office. You should also conduct a fire risk assessment.

Download the guide for office at http://www.firesafe.org.uk/department-of-communities-and-local-government-guides/

Check out http://www.firesafe.org.uk/fire-risk-assessment/ http://www.firesafe.org.uk

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A small single room building with two exits wouldn't need much. No automatic detection as any fire would be readily detected by the occupier, no electrical manual alarm as a verbal alarm would be heard sufficiently. Suitable extinguishers (see below *). The exit not in normal use should be signed & have a simple fastening not requiring a key (although if travel distances from one end to the other are 18m or less accounting for furniture a second exit isn't required). Emergency lighting should be considered although hand lamps could suffice.

Suitable risk reduction measures such as servicing of heating equipment, PAT testing, fixed wire testing, not overloading sockets, allowing space around heaters and heat producing electrical equipment would be important too.

* Your main risks are electrical & solids. Usually this requires a water spray or foam extinguisher for the solids, CO2 for the electrical, but to reduce the number of extinguishers needed you could use electrically rated wet extinguishers such as the Water Mist or any Britannia Fire water/foam spray extinguisher (including the service free P50) to cover both. Traditionally ABC Powder extinguishers were used for multipurpose cover, but the damage they cause and the potential harm to people in the vicinity is such they are frowned upon these days.

If you are part of a larger building or are split into rooms it's more complex.

You must carry out a Fire Risk Assessment, however if the employer with control of the premises has less than 5 employees and does not require a license to trade it need not be recorded (written) although it's still recommended

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