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Installation of mains powered alarms in HMO

Guest Tania

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We have a rental property which we are turning into an HMO we want to hard wire smoke alarms into each of the bedrooms, the halls and put a heat censor in the kitchen. Do we need to put this onto a new separate circuit or can we use the existing light circuit?


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You should look at the LACORS (freely available to download) guidance on housing fire safety for the grade of system you should be using and this will depend on a number of factors such as number of storeys etc. - dependent on that grade the power circuit may be the lighting circuit but you would need to consult BS 5839 Part 6 for guidance on the circuit.

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In addition to courve-feu posting you will find LACORS guide at http://www.cieh.org/uploadedFiles/Core/Policy/Publications_and_information_services/Policy_publications/Publications/National_fire_safety_guidance_08.pdf and if the premises is more than two floors you will need to contact the local housing authority to find out which guidance you should be using.

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