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Fire door closer too stiff


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My mother recently had to have a new fire door fitted at the communal hallway entrance, the work was carried out by the Housing Association contractors. My mother who is elderly (94) with mobility and visual problems is having problems with the door, the new door closer has too much tension even though it is set on the lowest setting. The new door closer is not comply with the Part M regulation. The other problem is that a heigh threshold strip has now been fitted, around 25mm heigh.

I have tried to get the Housing Association to do something because my mother is now trapped in her apartment. Unfortunately the Housing Association are very awkward to deal with, they are stating that the door is fitted and complies with the Part M reg, and that the installation does not have to comply with Part M because it is advisory.

The door closer is confirmed to not be ADM approved by the manufacturer, due to a narrow door width. I am not sure about the threshold strip? I thought that 15mm was the maximum height for Part M? The Housing Association is however stating that it does comply with Part M and the height is to provide an efficient fire door seal, does this make sense?

I was also informed that the fitting of replacement doors must not make Part M compliance worse. I don't know if the previous door was Part M compliant, but this new door is much more difficult to open etc.

Please could someone confirm if what the Housing Association are stating is correct?

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ADM is not a fire safety related problem it is a building control matter and I am not in a position to give an authoritative response. I would suggest you try http://forum.building.co.uk/forums/ which is more able to deal with your inquiry.

A copy of ADM can be found at http://www.planningportal.gov.uk/buildingregulations/approveddocuments/ which should help.

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Thank you Tom,

Perhaps you could offer advice regarding the high threshold strip? Is the fitting of the 25mm threshold strip with up stand normal practice for fire door installations, to provide an airtight seal?

Or is there an alternative type of threshold strip (ADM compliant) that could be used and is more suitable for an elderly/disabled persons environment?

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As I have already said you should speak to a BCO, this is not fire safety but I have perused ADM and my interpretation is that ADM does not apply to your building. Page 11 states,” the requirement apply if a non-domestic building or a dwelling is newly erected; “ Your dwelling is not newly erected so I would say ADM does not apply.

You could try http://www.draftproofing.com/raven_threshold_plates.html but whether it is suitable I do not know I say again speak to a BCO they understand it far better than me.

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