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Do fire alarm cables have to be fireproof?

Guest Karuna

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Hi for a small fish and chips can you please advise if it's a legal requirement to have a fire rated cable? Currently I have interlinked alarms. I don't plan to upgrade it just yet but would like to know the legal requirements please

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If its a Fire Alarm then the cable used must be flame resistant (such as FP200)


However if you have interlinked smoke alarms these are designed to be wired in "normal" 3 core and earth.


Below is a picture of several common Fire Alarm components.


Below is a picture of a smoke alarm


As you can see, the two are very different.

Smoke alarms are NOT fire alarms and they are NOT a substitute for a fire alarm and should NEVER be referred to as a fire alarm.

I would suggest you read the safelincs page which is HERE

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The current standard BS 5839 pt1 2013 says,

"Methods of cable support should be non-combustible and such that circuit integrity will not be reduced below that afforded by the cable used, and should withstand a similar temperature and duration to that of the cable, while maintaining adequate support.

Note 8

In effect this recommendation precludes the use of plastic cable clips, cable ties or trunking, where products are the means of cable support.

Cable which is directly fixed to surfaces should be neatly run and securely fixed at suitable intervals, in accordance with the recommendations of the cable manufacturer. Cable should not rely on suspended ceilings for their support."

I looks like you need to contact the cable manufacturer to find the recommended distances between cable clips or a good electrician should be able to tell you.

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I would NOT rely on an electrician, since they understand the concept of a fire alarm but they have no requirement to know the regulations of a fire alarm or its parts. (There is a difference between electricians and fire alarm engineers.)

It seems there is no specific regulation for cable fixing distance, (I think its BS7671) that says cables should be fixed at regular intervals, the question is, what is regular.

The "norm" does seem to be fix the cable at every 30cm.

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