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How to change emergency light batteries?

Guest SteveMile

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Guest SteveMile

Hi there

Can I ask how to change batteries in emergency lights?

Also, would you consider the changing of the batteries in emergency lights a task capable and expected of a
non qualified person?
Your advice would be appreciated.

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Guest Ringtail Lighting

The changing of batteries in emergency lighting is a task for a qualified electrician (according to fire safety regulations) You could, in theory, depending on the business and lighting application have a competent individual change the batteries, however the health and safety/ risk assessment officer MUST be notified and consulted.

I would not recommend an unqualified individual replace batteries for risk of voiding health and safety/fire safety protocol.


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If it's a self contained bulkhead they are so cheap for complete new fittings why bother fiddling around, just replace the lot.

If it's a more expensive conversion kit there may be some saving, but if you aren't competent then you are risking breaking the law, bodging it up so they don't work (or even start a fire). It's not changing a bulb.

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