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Screws pulling out of fire doors

Guest DavidMor

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If you are referencing to the Installation Company” I am presuming that it is a relatively new install.

Approved fire door sets, that are properly installed should not have this problem.

I would recommend that you as the” responsible person” have the situation investigated by a “competent person”, whoever picks up the bill (different argument)

As you are now aware of the issue, and in the future the worst was to happen, you need to be mindful of the blame game, and as the “responsible person” you do all that is practicable.

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Guest Neil Ashdown

When installing fire doors it is important that there are three or more hinges fitted and that the screws used are of the correct type. All fire resisting doors are solid-core but core material types vary. If the screws are pulling out it could be that the core is Graduated Density which means the whole core is made from a chipboard without any hardwood or softwood framing around it, if so the screws need to be larger than usual, probably 50mm x No. 10

Obviously I cannot be sure this is the cause and if its a new (ish) door I would advise you to contact the door suppler through the installer to find out who manufactured the door and the core type. If this is not possible you could contact a reputable fire door inspector.

One way you could check yourself (and this only works if the top of the door is un-lipped) is use steps to look at the top edge of the door leaf. You may then see if any chipboard core extends to the hinged edge of the door leaf. You may also find a Certifire manufacturer's label which should contain the manufacturer's contact details and a Certifire number and door ID number.

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