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Can leaseholder force me to pay for fire alarm?

Guest RosemaryS

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Guest RosemaryS

i have the long lease of a flat. the freeholder is saying that due to new regulations, i have to pay £600 so as to have a fire alarm in my kitchen. This will be connected to the system for the whole building which comprises 3 flats. at present I have a fire alarm in my hallway which is immediately off my fairly small kitchen. The alarm is probably about 3ft away from the kitchen. The alarm is very sensitive. Please let me know if new regulations require me to install a fire alarm in the hallway. If so, can I purchase one myself which will certainly cost nothing like £600..

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I am not sure why a fire alarm is required in the kitchen unless it forms part of a BS5839-6:2004 domestic fire fire alarm, designed to alert you in the event of a fire in your flat. Does the detector on the hall operate the fire alarm for the whole building, which would alert all the residents of a fire in your flat, which would allow them time to escape.

If am afraid there is not sufficient information Rosemary to give you a full answer.


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I can't help but think Rosemary is getting confused between a Fire alarm and smoke / heat alarms.

Rosemary, some clarification is required.

A fire alarm has a control panel, smoke / heat detectors and manual call points. The main panel should be located in the main entrance area / lobby.

A smoke / heat alarm looks something like Ei144_thumb_210.jpg These can be used a "stand alone" units or connected to to other units of the same make. They have no control panel.

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Guest GeorgeDav

I have owned a flat for 20 years in a converted house (there are 4 flats) and am now being told by my managing agent that we need an expensive fire alarm system fitted to comply with 2005 regs.We all have smoke alarms outside our doors in the communal area and inside our homes.
Please could you clarify the situation,as I feel we already have enough precaution in place.



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